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Garage Doors

A new garage door is a great way to add value and curb appeal to your home. We carry many different types of garage door to fit any style and budget. Call us today for a FREE consultation. 



Purchasing a new garage door is a serious investment and you should only trust a true expert technician. That's why at SunRay we take pride in being the experts that go above and beyond with our door installs and have to track record to prove it. Our mission is to raise the standard of craftsmanship to guarantee our customers are completely satisfied.  

What to consider about when purchasing a new garage door

  • Material - garage doors come in a variety of different materials. The most common are steel, wood, and aluminum.

  • Design - there are many different designs and aesthetics some examples are traditional, craftsman, Spanish/Tustin, too contemporary. Our doors also have a large range of standard and customs colors too choose from.

  • Windows - windows offer a great way to bring natural light into a garage or add to the look of a door. We have many window designs and different types of glass that can be used. 

  • Energy Efficiency - doors can be non insulated or insulated. There are levels of insulation with different R values to choose from. Insulated doors can help with controlling the climate inside the garage and insulated doors tend to operate more quietly then non insulated.

  • Budget - new doors can range in prices depending on design and finishes. We can work with any budget to fulfill our customers new door dreams. 


Our Trusted Door Manufacturers

We only use the best American made doors the industry offers

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