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Our Story

The story begins in the late 1940’s when Grandfather Dal Soglio started a garage door company to accommodate the new housing developments in Long Beach, California. Grandfather Dal Soglio didn’t know at the time that his quality craftsmanship would be the light of inspiration for the generations after him. 


In 2000, Mark Dal Soglio expanded the family’s expertise and philosophy to Scottsdale, Arizona. By following in Grandfather Dal Soglio’s footsteps, the family business continued another chapter, while coincidentally teaching his son, Ray, the trade at a young age. 


Today, the story continues in Southern California through Ray Dal Soglio, founder of SunRay Overhead Doors. Ray is determined to provide a modern perspective, while still being rooted in the philosophy that quality is the most important characteristic to any craft.


SunRay Overhead Doors is San Diego and Riverside County’s Premier Garage Door Company.

For three generations, the Dal Soglio family has continuously provided quality craftsmanship through applying the highest service standards and utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry.

Let us show you how 75+ years of combined experience makes a difference.

Garage Doors
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